“Good Sam” Movie Review

Kate Bradley (Tiya Sircar) is a beat reporter for a local TV station in New York.

Covering the breaking news like fires, accidents’, plane crashes, etc, Kate thrives on the excitement of the unknown.

One day at a warehouse fire, Kate grabs a camera, while her camerman Josh (Jesse Camacho) distracts the cops, and heads right to the burning building where she films a firefighter, Eric Hayes (Chad Connell), save several people….including herself!

Sam, Eric

One day, a woman reported that someone left $100,000 at her doorstep, and Kate’s boss wants her to cover the story.

No way…..it’s not exciting…it’s just money on a doorstep.

But, Kate is convinced to cover it (he is her boss after all) and……

Oh, to find out what happens, you can watch the movie on Netflix.

“Good Sam” is a very good movie about doing the right thing while not expecting anything in return.

If the fans of Ahsoka and Sar Wars have their say, (me included!) Tiya Sircar will be very busy in the next few years playing Sabine Wren on Disney+…..why?….Tiya is the voice of Sabine in Star Wars Rebels!

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.



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