Movie Review: “A Boy Called Christmas”

Many years ago…..

A young girl got lost in the woods in Finland. After trying to find her way back home, she stumbled upon a magical town, Elfhelm, in the far north. There, the little girl made friends, but, when the snow melted, the little girl left Elfhelm and headed home.


After the death of his mother, Nikolas (Henry Lawfull) and his dad Joel (Michiel Huisman) are barely existing in the woods of Finland. But they have each other, and the memories of the wife and mother who called Nikolas, “Christmas”. And they have her pendant and hat.

The King of Finland knows that the citizens are very sad (no health care, a bad system of government, etc.) and asks the people to venture out to find……hope.

Joel heads out first leaving Nikolas in the care of mean Aunt Carlota (Kristen Wiig) who promptly burns Nikolas’s mothers hat…..but…….that unfortunate accident leads to a discovery!

A map to Elfhelm!

With his trusty pet mouse, Miika (Stephen Merchant), and reindeer, Blitzen, Nikolas sets off to find Elfhelm and his dad…..

Blitzen, Nikolas and Miika

To see what happens, you can watch this movie on Netflix. 🙂

“A Boy Called Christmas” is a terrific family movie about the origins of……well……oh, you need to watch the movie! 🙂

We loved it.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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