Movie Review: “Sharper”

“If you’re gonna steal……steal a LOT”

That one sentence pretty much says it all……

Billionaire Richard Hobbes (John Lithgow) is ill and recently lost his wife.

Undergoing treatments for his illness, he also meets and marries, Madeline (Julianne Moore) who treats him well, loves him, and makes sure her scheming, con artist, son, Max (Sebastian Stan), stays clear of Richard and Madeline.

For a price……

Vassar graduate, and current Ph.D. student, Sandra (Briana Middleton), goes into a deserted bookstore, run by Tom (Justice Smith), to buy a book. He sells her the book, and then, one thing leads to another and Sandra and Tom fall into heavy-duty lust.

Tom finally found his perfect woman.

As such, he is more than willing to help her when she needs $350,000 to get her brother out of trouble.

Clockwise from bottom left around Madeline: Richard, Tom, Max, Sandra


Oh, to find out what happens you can watch this movie on AppleTV+.

“Sharper” is a fun, twisty, mystery thriller with all sorts of con artists at work (with $9.2 billion at stake) and an ending that will knock your socks off.

Warning: If you read lots of thrillers / mysteries like I do….you will know what is happening before everyone else (i.e. Lori) figures it out….including the shocking ending. I guess that is the price you have to pay for being a book nerd! 🙂

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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