“Scoop” Movie Review

“Scoop” Movie Review

With Woody Allen, Hugh Jackman, and Scarlet Johansson……how could you go wrong?  You can’t.

In the 2006 “Scoop”,  journalism student Johansson is visited by a legendary reporter who happens to be dead (Ian McShane).  This reporter tells Scarlet that Hugh Jackman is the much sought after Tarot Card killer.

With this scoop, Johansson and Allen (who is stupendous) set off to find the truth.

But watch out, the truth might kill you.

Great movie.  Not a fast and furious action thing, but, it has it’s share of humor, wit (especially when Allen and Johansson are together…they are magical), and intrigue. Rent it if you find it.  We watched it on VUDU.


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