“Drive Angry” Movie Review

If you like lots of action, gore, sex, more gore, more naked women and vintage cars (the kind I grew up with and watched Tommy fix)….and Nicolas Cage…you will love “Drive Angry”.

The opening scene sets the stage as Cage blows off the hand of a man holding a crowbar, and both the hand and the crowbar fly out into the audience (yes…it is in 3D).

During the movie you will be “hit” with car parts, body parts, and bullets.

“Drive Angry” is a brutal movie (one could say, angry), but, Cage has the body (broad shoulders thin waist) and persona to pull off this tough-guy-escaped- from- Hell -character.  Along the way he finds unlikely allies (Amber Heard being one) in his attempt to find his grand-daughter and save her from her mothers killers.

When the movies get 3D the way Disney has it at Disneyland or DisneyWorld….then 3D will be great.  As it is, 3D is just a gimmick.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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