“Eat With Me” Movie Review

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Uptight Emma (Sharon Omi) is in a loveless marriage. One night, her husband wakes from a deep sleep, runs to the bathroom and cuts off his wedding ring claiming it gave him a headache.

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Emma packs her bags and visits her estranged son, Elliot (Teddy Chen Culver) asking him if she can live with him for a month or so.  He reluctantly agrees and tells her he is not like his dad and she does not need to clean, cook, etc.

Emma promptly cleans, cooks, and learns a lot about her gay son.  Mostly coming to the realization that he is, in fact, gay.  She also meets quirky neighbor, Maureen (Nicole Sullivan), who teaches Emma how to chill.  The two become friends.

One day after walking in on her son and his new boyfriend, the distressed Emma takes a walk in the park where she meets a kindly older gentleman who helps her understand her son.

“Oh Myyyy….”

Meanwhile, Elliot runs a Chinese restaurant that was his Uncle’s. Elliot, the Chef, has no imagination. His menu is boring and bland and, now, he has one month before the bank closes him down.

Emma to the rescue with her amazingly good dumplings.

“Eat With Me” is a treat.  A low budget film with wonderful, low key, acting by Sharon Omi, off the wall quirky-ness by Nicole Sullivan, and, playing the role of a son with perfection, Teddy Chen Culver.  And yes, in a small, but pivotal part, George Takei as George.  Oh Myyyy….

If you are uncomfortable watching two guys making out, this is not for you.  Not for kids as it deals with adult themes and there is zero action.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on Netflix.  Thank you, Ryan!

Drive Safe!  Never Forget. 


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