“Her” Movie Review

3.5-Watertowers(Nerds Love Their Computers….Literally)

Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is in the middle of a divorce.  He is sullen and unhappy.

her blogOne day on his way to work he spots an ad for a new artificial intelligence (AI) operating system.  He promptly installs this OS and is surprised at how human the female voice (Scarlett Johansson….sigh) is. She (Samantha) explains that she is programmed to learn and grow as she gathers information, and she is ravenous for information.

Surprisingly, Samantha learns how to feel. She yearns to have a body, and she wants to experience sex. Theodore and Samantha do it, regularly. Until, as in all relationships, the sex dwindles and Samantha is worried that something is wrong with their relationship.

She hires an OS sex surrogate, and Theodore creeps out.  From there their relationship normalizes and Theodore takes his girlfriend Samantha to the beach, to work, and with friends on a picnic (he fixes his shirt pocket so the camera of his cell phone allows Samantha to see).

Interestingly, he falls in love and so does Samantha.  But success changes everything…..

Run your mouse over the next line for a spoiler:

In the end, the Nerds get dumped by their operating systems…..

“Her” is a futuristic look at AI evolving way past where it is as of this writing. Kinda creepy and scary, but, also sweet and loving. True friendship, or love, with your computer.  Not for kids as there is sex & nudity.  Joaquin Phoenix, and my favorite, Scarlett Johansson, are both uncomfortably terrific. Amy Adams is nearly unrecognizable and Rooney Mara is very good.  The stars dress like nerds (hmmm, just like me?).  The guys in pants that come up to their rib cages that they hike up regularly and wear shirts with pockets (ready for protectors or cell phones). Very funny….

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched “Her” on our “free” Xfinity movie section.

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