“Some Kind of Beautiful” Movie Review

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Richard (Pierce Brosnan) teaches the classic romantic novels at Cambridge.

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Hooking up with a beautiful student, Kate (Jessica Alba), they spend 6 months together when she announces that she is pregnant and that they will be moving to Los Angeles. OMG. Richard is speechless.

Kate’s sister, Olivia (Salma Hayak), does not like Richard. She pegs him as a lothario since he hit on her in the bar before he knew she was Kate’s sister. Ooops.

After moving to LA, and having a baby boy, Richard has a hard time finding a job. When he does find one,  it is part-time at a community college with students who don’t give a shit about the romantic novels he is teaching about. And to make matters worse…..Kate falls in love with someone else and leaves him.

But….Olivia is there and love blooms (remember Olivia is played by Salma Hayak….duh).

“Some Kind of Beautiful” is a lighthearted romcom.  Not for kids as there are f-words, sex, drinking, drugs, and nudity including shots of Salma Hayak’s (or a body doubles….) butt.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on Netflix. Thank you, Ryan!

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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