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“Mountain Men” Movie Review

3.5-Watertowers movie reviews(Wilderness Survival)

Estranged brothers Toph (Tyler Labine) and Cooper (Chace Crawford) re-start their relationship (sort of) at their mother’s wedding.

mountain menStill mourning the death of their father, Toph and Cooper decide to spend some time in the family cabin in the woods. Dad left society and became a survivalist living in that cabin….he also disappeared and is presumed dead.

The next morning the truck did not start. To warm up the battery they start a fire and burn down the truck AND cabin.


With no cell phone service to call for help they start the descent down the mountain. But it is not easy… Cooper, high on marijuana cookies, falls down an embankment and breaks his leg. Then a snowstorm starts, putting the brothers in serious peril.

“Mountain Men” is a very good movie. A story of brotherly love, hate, and survival with stunning scenery. The ending needs to be seen as many issues are resolved in an instant. Not for kids.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on Netflix.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget




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