“Joy” Movie Review

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Joy Mangano (Jennifer Lawrence) was always an inventor.

When Joy was little, she made her own toys to play with, and as she got older she developed a glow in the dark dog collar that was also a flea collar. The only problem is she knew nothing about business and another company patented a similar design.

joy-moppingOne day while on a boat, she dropped a wine glass and struggled mopping it up, cutting her hands on the broken glass. While tending to her wounds, she had an idea that would change her life. She would design, build, and sell a mop that was better than anything on the market, and you would not have to touch it to ring out.

Back home, Joy designed the mop using her daughter’s crayons and paper. Joy then presented the idea to potential investors, got some seed money, and was off and running with her business.

The Miracle Mop was born….(in Deer Park, NY the town next to where I grew up)

BUT…..starting and running a business is not all blue sky and roses. There are always problems, greedy people, bad advice, deceit, jealousy, joy, and so much more, that you learn really quickly that when you get knocked down (and you will) that you get back up and fight on…..or you give up.

There is no giving up in Joy’s dictionary.

“Joy” is a terrific movie. In fact, if I were teaching a course in entrepreneur-ship this would be required viewing. Two hours of real-life ups and downs of an entrepreneur. Kids won’t like it as it deals with adult themes. Great cast.

Go to IMDb for more information. We watched this on Xfinity.

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