“The Confirmation” Movie Review

4-Watertowers ForCarol.com Movie Review(Father and Son Bonding)

Walt (Clive Owen) is a divorced, alcoholic, barely working carpenter who has to watch his son, Anthony (Jaeden Lieberher), for the weekend.

the confirmationSince Anthony has a church confirmation coming up soon, his mother, Bonnie (Maria Bello) urges her ex to make sure there is no trouble (and no drinking). And please….do not repair anything in the house she now lives in with her new husband.

He promises to be good and to not do any repairs.

Arriving at the house Walt is renting, they find that the doors are locked. Walt has been evicted (they decided to secretly stay at Bonnie’s house). At a local tavern (where Walt has a root beer), Walt’s tools are stolen from his truck. Trying to find the tools they enlist the help of a drunk, and a meth head. Then Walt goes into withdrawal. Walt’s truck breaks down so they borrow his ex-wife’s car (that needs brakes) and almost crash.

Trouble and adventure follow Walt and Anthony the entire weekend. But they make it through with quiet perseverance.

“The Confirmation” is an excellent father & son bonding movie with a terrific cast. It is very quiet as Walt is not one to show much emotion as he and Anthony encounter one adventure after another. And, yes, Walt repairs more than stuff in the house, much more.  🙂

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on Netflix. Thank you, Ryan!

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