“Dumplin” Movie Review and Trailer

Rosie (Jennifer Aniston) was a beauty queen when she was younger, and now runs the Bluebonnet Beauty Pageant in Texas. This work keeps her very busy.

Rosie’s daughter, Willowdean (Danielle Macdonald), also known as “Dumplin”, grows up with her aunt, Lucy (Hilliary Begley), who instills a love of life and Dolly Parton in Willowdean.

When Lucy dies at a very young age, Willowdean has to spend a lot more time on her own with only her one really good friend, Ellen (Odeya Rush) to talk to.

Cleaning up some of Lucy’s stuff, Willowdean finds an application to the Bluebonnet Beauty Pageant that Lucy filled out. Knowing that Lucy never entered the pageant, Willowdean decides to do the unthinkable in Lucy’s honor: Join the beauty pageant, if only to make a point.

What happens is heartwarming, sometimes heartbreaking, but, always inclusive and a celebration of diversity. Some Orange person who tweets a lot needs to watch (and understand) this terrific movie.

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