“City Island” Movie Review and Trailer

The Rizzos are one fucked up family.

Vince and Joyce have been married for 20 years with two kids, Vince Jr. (Ezra Miller) and Vivian (Dominik Garcia). Vince and Joyce no longer talk to each other.

They do yell at each other though…..

Vince is a correctional officer who “plays poker” A LOT and smokes, in secret, like a chimney (literally out of the skylight in the roof).

Joyce works in a law office. She thinks Vince is cheating on her, and, she smokes, in secret, like a chimney while craving the love and attention she used to get from Vince.

The whole family yells at each other…..

Vince is afraid to tell Joyce that he is really not playing poker, but, attending an acting class where he met Molly (Emily Mortimer) who becomes his friend and manager.

All hell breaks loose when Vince brings home a handsome criminal, Tony (Steven Strait), who happens to be another of Vince’s secrets….


To see what happens you will have to watch this very funny, very New York-ish (hey…I know, believe me) movie. The cast is fantastic. Note: I was born and raised on Long Island and had NEVER heard of City Island, but, it is real! The same is true of Long Island Iced Tea….but, that is another story. 😉

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.



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