Using Disney+ Streaming: It’s a Whole New World

On November 12, 2019, the world of streaming video over the Internet made a ground-shaking step forward… that will forever, especially if you have kids, change your life.

Go here to sign up for Disney+

I grabbed the free trial of Disney+ on the first day. I am still using it. And still loving it!

I anxiously await Fridays now, so I can watch new episodes of Disney+ original series (“The Mandalorian”, Jeff Goldblum, Imagineering, and more), original and classic Disney (“Lady and the Tramp”, “Noelle”, “Togo”, etc), and catch up on old movies in preparation for new movies. For example, we will re-watch “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in 4k Ultra HD (see my blog entry on our new tv) before heading to the movies to see the last “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” movie in early 2020.

Do I LOVE Disney+……yes!

But why?

Here are a few of my reasons…..

Reason #1

As a young engineer in the 1980’s, I made it my life’s work, to evangelize, develop, and implement desktop videoconferencing. If you use your smartphone to call someone and see them while you are talking: That is how desktop videoconferencing technology has evolved over the years. 🙂

Long story short….I attended a conference (TeleCon) every year since the 80’s that was in Anaheim, CA. Disneyland! And when Kristen came along, Lori and Kristen went to Disneyland every year for at least 10 years while I worked.

Our world revolved around our yearly trips to Anaheim / Disneyland.

Oh, I eventually became the Chief Technical Officer at TeleCon and our world revolved even more closely with Disneyland.

Reason #2

I always admired Walt Disney for having an out-of-the box idea and having the fortitude to do what he thought was the right thing to do (build Disneyland)….despite the narrow-minded critics.

I helped develop desktop videoconferencing which at the time (1980’s) was totally out-of-the-box and had to endure tons of narrow-minded critics. Thinking of Walt…I persevered and made my, however small, mark on what is now used by ordinary people, everyday, in almost every Hallmark movie, as easy as making a telephone call. Video chat.

Reason #3

For a long time, I wanted to be a Disney Imagineer. I always told Lori: “Imagine being able to work on rides and attractions that were years and years ahead of their time….without the critics!” Well……I endured the critics, but, my dream of being an Imagineer went unfulfilled (I probably was not a good enough engineer anyway….) but the dream was always there… still is.

Watching the “Imagineering” original Disney+ series episodes, for me, is simply magical.

Reason #4

Kristen LOVED Disney movies, and wanted to watch every movie 100 times. The picture shows only a small number of Disney VHS’s we bought for Kristen to watch. If Disney+ were around today……for $6.99 a month, Kristen (who is now 28) could watch every movie 1,000 times if she wanted.

Parents with kids NEED Disney+. No brainer.

Oh, we re-watched “Frozen” on Disney+ before going to see “Frozen 2” in the theater. See my review here. Very cool!

Reason #5

The high quality video and audio streaming for a very reasonable price. Watching a movie in 4k UHD is an amazing experience, pure and simple. The Disney+ user interface is easy and intuitive and the depth of classic Disney movies is unrivaled (except in our VHS collection, haha).


Disney+ rocked our world when it was introduced November 12, 2019. And it continues to rock my world with the promise of upcoming Marvel, Star Wars, Imagineering, and so much more content that fit me to a tee. I can be a nerd, a movie reviewer, and a dad. In fact, Kristen at 28, and I sat and binged on “Shorts” on Disney+ in one of the best nights of dad and daughter bonding ever!

If only Carol were here. 😦

Go here to sign up for Disney+

Drive Safe! Never Forget (Carol, Chris, Kassy and Bobby).


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