“The Call of the Wild” Movie Review and Trailer

With the Gold Rush in Alaska in full force, the men and women seeking fortune needed big, strong, dogs to help pull sleds, move equipment, and carry supplies.

Buck is a big strong spoiled family pet. He has the run of the house and the expansive yards surrounding a mansion. A good life where Buck is king.

One night, an unsavory character kidnaps Buck and sends him north to join the Gold Rush.

Buck learns quickly that men with clubs are hard to beat and that he must use his wits to survive.

Sold to a kindly mail carrier, Buck learns to enjoy pulling the sled. The only thing he does not like is Spitz being in the lead as Buck is bigger smarter and stronger. Buck and Spitz fight with Buck becoming lead dog.

But, as with everything, the good times come to an end when the mail route is cancelled and the dogs are put up for adoption.

Buck is adopted by a mean man….with a club…..and is forced to work his team to near exhaustion. When he refuses to continue, he is beaten only to be saved by John Thornton (Harrison Ford).

Buck and John Thornton are perfect for each other, and Buck finds that he loves John Thornton more than anything in the world.

Together, they set out on an adventure to places beyond the map where they both find what they are looking for and what they need…..

To learn more, you will have to read the book or watch the movie!

“The Call of the Wild” is a classic short (134 page) book by Jack London and is required reading in the elementary schools I subbed in for many years. The movie stuck to the main points of the book while straying only in the details, which make for a better movie, I suppose.

We loved the movie, but, the CGI dog (Buck) is not as good as the CGI dog in Togo and you can feel the cartoonish characterization of Buck. It is a bit distracting, where Togo was totally engrossing.

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