Time to Stream Movies from Home: Movie Box Office Results March 20 – 22 2020

No new box office for this week or for the foreseeable future.

Due to the coronavirus and the need to distance yourself from others so the disease can be contained, all the movie theaters have closed down and there are orders to “shelter in place” for everyone but those needed. You can go grocery shopping, go to the pharmacy, get gas, exercise alone, and run other ESSENTIAL errands, but, other than that……STAY AT HOME!…….(If you think this is against the constitution and your freedoms….you’re a fucking idiot and you can go pound sand).

While these restrictions are in place, you can STREAM movies, make popcorn, and generally have a great time hunkering down at home.

I have provided some links below for STREAMING services you can access.

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I took a few screenshots of the movies that were in the theaters last week, but, are now streaming for $19.99 (click the movie for more info on IMDb):

“The Invisible Man”


“The Hunt”

“Onward” (will be on Disney+ April 3, 2020 sign up for Disney+ here)

The screenshots below are just for the services we have at home. There are MANY more. 🙂

Amazon Prime Video

VUDU (Click to see my original product test of VUDU)

Fandango NOW


Google Play


Drive Safe! Stay Safe! Never Forget



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