“Fishbowl California” Movie Review and Trailer

Rodney (Steve Olsen) is wandering through life (at 30 years old) with no direction, and, apparently, no luck with cars, or ambition. To top it off, his girlfriend of 6 months, has been cheating on him for 5 months, and he recently failed two more job interviews.

Things are looking down for Rodney.

But…..he has a big heart.

Life could not get any worse except for the fact that he was evicted from his apartment and his car (now his apartment) died, once again, this time in front of a house that he “stole” electricity from to charge his dead phone…

The house is owned by an older woman, June (Katherine Cortez), who recently lost her husband, has a nasty cough (but is not taking her meds), is drinking like a fish….and, truthfully, wants to die.

The next morning…..after confronting the strange homeless man who stole her electricity, the two actually hit it off, and Rodney, luckily, found someone to care for other than himself.

June’s daughter, Olivia (Jenna Willis) is a nurse working 16 hour days. She can’t force feed her mom her meds, but, after meeting Rodney, she enlists his help.

To see what happens, you will have to stream the movie on Amazon Prime.

“Fishbowl California” is a sweet movie about growing up and learning how to live again. There is a twist at the end that is perfect! We loved it.

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