“Colossal” Movie Review and Trailer

25 years ago, Seoul, South Korea

A monster appears on the streets of Seoul. killing many. Only one picture was taken of the beast before it disappeared.


Gloria (Anna Hathaway) is an unemployed writer living in New York City….struggling with alcoholism.

Her boyfriend, Tim (Dan Stevens), turns into a beast when he kicks Gloria out of his apartment: He can no longer tolerate her drunkenness.

Not knowing where to go, Gloria ends up in her hometown, camping out in her family’s empty house where she meets an old friend, Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), who now owns his old family bar.

Oscar and Gloria hit it off just like old times and Oscar even hires Gloria to help in the bar.

Good times return for Gloria while she and her old and new friends party hardy after the bar closes….then Gloria visits the park near her old elementary school just as school was starting at 8:05 AM.

That night the shocking news breaks of hundreds of citizens of Seoul being killed by the mysterious monster that re-appeared at the same time as the monster from 25 years ago!


Gloria knows who the monster is, but, what she doesn’t know is that there is, now, a second monster….a robot…..and that monster is whacko….

What happens next is…..

Oh…..to see what happens, you can stream the movie on Fandango Now.

“Colossal” is an interesting sci-fi thriller that starts out like a rom-com but quickly darkens into a near horror movie. It is not gross, but, it definitely messes with your mind.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.



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