“Brian Banks” Movie Review and Trailer

Justin and Brian

At 16 years old, the world was looking bright for Brian Banks (Aldis Hodge).

A star football player, Brian was going to USC to play under Pete Carroll (Matt Battaglia).

One day, he and long-time friend, Kennisha Rice (Xosha Roquemore), headed to the school’s make-out place in Building 700. Once there, they just started to make out when a teacher interrupted them…..they stopped, and went their separate ways.

Only one problem: Kennisha told everyone she was raped!


The police grabbed Brian, and to make a long story short, the system failed him and Brian spent 6 years of his young life in prison!

No more football, no more freedom, no more bright future.

Once he was out, Brian could not find work, then, to make matters even worse, he was chained to an electronic monitor so the police could monitor his every move (he really needed a drum playing robot).

Life sucked, and when his probation was over in 10 months, he was still a convicted sex criminal….for life!

Desperate, Brian reached out (more than once, truth be told) to the California Innocence Project and Justin Brooks (Greg Kinnear).

After much debate, Justin and his team finally took on Brian’s case……

To see what happens you can stream it on any of your fav streaming outlets. We watched it on Amazon Prime.

“Brian Banks” is a true story of, hmmm, well…..Brian Banks. It is scary how one girl, and her asshole mother, can totally fuck up a persons life, and how the justice system can totally fail this young promising kid by just assuming he was guilty…..arrrghhh.

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