“Turnover” Movie Review and Trailer

Peter (Paul Guilfoyle) owns a small French Restaturant that is doing very well except that his employees are overworked and under-appreciated.

Peter recently had open heart surgery, smokes like a chimney, works too hard…..and his Doctor tells him he needs to take some time off.

Miguel, Gladys, Pepper, and William

His overworked manager, Henry (Riker Lynch), has already found another job, so when Peter leaves the butt-head in charge, Henry hires an all new group of “misfits” to run the restaurant into the ground while Peter is taking time off.

Then he leaves for the new job. What a butt-head.


Meek but kindly and smart William (Adwin Brown) takes control (hesitantly) of the six misfits including…..

Recently paroled cook, Miguel (Carlos Carrasco), who is caring for his gravely ill abuela at night.

Way too young and rebellious genius, Pepper (Isabella Blake-Thomas).

An older woman who is there only on a bet and has not worked in 40 years, Gladys (Julia Silverman).

Hard working, kind, and industrious couple, Gina (Jamie Brewer) and Charlie (Blair Williamson).

When Peter returns….

Oh, to find out what happens, you can stream the movie on Amazon Prime.

“Turnover” is a heartwarming story of life, acceptance, love, and family, with a wonderfully eclectic cast.

We loved it!

Go to IMDb for more information.

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