“A Bird of the Air” Movie Review and Trailer

Lyman (Jackson Hurst) works the overnight shift with the highway department. He is very quiet, and speaks only when spoken to, and then only a word or two at a time.

His work finds him helping all sorts of people who are stuck or had an accident. His job is very rewarding, but also very difficult, and, sometimes, depressing.

One morning, while eating breakfast in his Airstream trailer….a parrot flew in the open window!

The first thing the parrot said to Lyman was “SHUT UP”. Then he started yapping about all sorts of things.


Well…..Lyman decided to keep the bird and take notes on what he says in hopes of finding the owner.

Lyman buys the parrot a nice cage, some food, some play toys, and as he was leaving the pet store, he runs past Fiona (Rachel Nichols).

Fiona is a librarian and knows about Lyman from the college where he takes courses.

From that day on, Fiona decides to take charge of the situation (since Lyman is so damn quiet) and get to know him and help find where the parrot came from.

Do they find the parrots’s owner? Do Lyman and Fiona hook up? Or……???

To find out, you will have to stream the movie on Amazon Prime.

“A Bird of the Air” is a terrific low budget indie about….life, love, doing the right thing, and being a good person. We loved it!

Go to IMDb for more information.

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