“Secret Society of Second-Born Royals” Movie Review

Sam (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) is second in line to the crown in the small country of Illyria. Her older sister, Princess Eleanor (Ashley Liao), will assume the crown in two months when she becomes of age.

As a second born, Sam has nothing to do but be herself….which happens to be a rebel musician denouncing the monarchy with her best friend, Mike (Noah Lomax).

Hanging with Mike, the two are rejected entry into a nightclub to see their favorite band. Turning the corner on the way home, they see people entering a code to get into the back entrance. Sam sees the number entered even though they are a block away. WTF.

Inside the nightclub, Sam becomes disoriented as she hears every conversation and even the sound of a nearby fly’s wings. WTF.

Always in trouble, the last straw was being thrown in jail after setting the nightclub’s sound equipment on fire.

Her mother, Queen Catherine (Elodie Yung) has had enough of Sam’s antics and sends Sam to a private school.

Princess Roxana, Sam, Tuma, Matteo, January

At the school, Sam meets other second-born royals: Tuma (Niles Fitch), January (Isabella Blake-Thomas), Princess Roxana (Olivia Deeble), and Matteo (Faly Rakotohavana), who, like her, have no idea why they are there, except that they all seem to get into trouble at home.


Their teacher, James (Skylar Astin) explains that this is a secret society of second-born royals and that they all……

Oh, to find out what happens, you will have to watch the movie on Disney+.

“Secret Society of Second-Born Royals” is a fun, fast, action-packed movie about ordinary kids who are about to learn that to succeed you have to first fail. So true….in real-life. 🙂

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Drive Safe! Never Forget.

More movies to watch while the Orange idiot recovers from Covid 19….we wish him a speedy recovery and some major perspective on life, empathy, and humility.


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