“The Tiger Hunter” Movie Review

Growing up in India, Sami Malik (Danny Pudi) idolized his famous father as did everyone else in town. His father, was, “The Tiger Hunter” who fearlessly hunted down and killed….well, tigers.

His father gave up everything he owned to send Sami to the best schools, and, even though his father died when Sami was 8 years old, Sami became an Electrical Engineer (Note: just like me!).

Running a fix-it shop, Sami did a booming business and everyone in town told him how much he was like his father. A good man, a brave man.

But Sami wanted more. He wanted to live in America and work there as an Electrical Engineer and marry the girl of his dreams (sounds familiar…), Ruby Iqbal (Karen David).

Sami, Ruby

Then one day…..the letter came…..and Sami’s dreams came true. A company in Chicago wanted to hire him, and……

Oh, to find out what happens you will have to watch the movie on Netflix.

“The Tiger Hunter” is a hidden gem. A low budget movie about pursuing your dreams even though you have to live in the same room with 12 other electrical engineers to get there. It is also about finding out exactly why his father, the tiger hunter, was famous and idolized.

Loved it.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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