Movie Review: “The Batman”

Someone has taken it upon themselves to eliminate politicians that lie and cheat (a full-time, lifetime, job…like the Supreme Court!)…..starting with the Mayor of Gotham.

As Batman, Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson), is fully involved in the investigations because of his friend and controller of the Bat light, Lt. James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright).

As the investigation gets underway…..more murders occur and the person doing the killing, The Riddler (Paul Dano), leaves Batman notes on each of his victims.

He is taunting the authorities and Batman.

Working at a bar run by Oz, The Penguin (Colin Farrell), Selina Kyle (Zoe Kravitz) is unofficially running her own investigations as……Catwoman.

Batman and Catwoman meet and a crime fighting duo is formed.

Catwoman and Batman

Unfortunately, The Riddler is after……Bruce Wayne… he can be the ultimate kill, paying for the sins of his late, politician, father!

What happens next is……

Oh, to see what happens you can watch the movie on your favorite streamer. We watched it for free on Watchathon week on Xfinity and HBO Max.

“The Batman” is a dark movie. Dark cinematographically as well as psychologically. The Batman wears his mask (so no one knows who he really is) all the time, only taking it off two or three times the whole movie (when he is with Albert (Andy Serkis)). Zoe shines in a small-ish part while Robert is a dark, moody, brooding, relatively silent, Batman. Paul Dano is stupendous. As you are watching, remember that Colin Farrell is, totally unrecognizeable as, the Penguin.

Watch ALL the way thru the credits…… ? !

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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