Movie Review: “Godzilla vs Kong”

If you have not seen “Kong: Skull Island” (my review) or “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” you may want to do that before watching this movie. Or not….

Godzilla has proven itself to be a good monster, so why in the world has it attacked the Apex Cybernetics facility in Pensacola, Fl?

Something must be provoking Godzilla, but, no one knows what because nothing is overtly obvious.

Meanwhile…..Kong is being held captive in his native habitat on Skull Island under a huge bubble. There, he is visited by the last remaining native islander, Jia (Kaylee Hottie), and her guardian, Dr. Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall).

Jia, who is deaf, communicates with Kong via sign language.

After the attack on Apex, two teams are formed:

The first team consists of Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown), Bernie Hayes (Brian Tyree Henry) and Josh Valentine (Julian Dennison), I’ll call them the Nerds.

The nerds head to the Apex facility in Hong Kong to see what they can find out.

The second team consists of scientist, and hollow earth theorist, Nathan Lind (Alexander Skarsgard), Jia, Ilene, and Kong.

They head to Antarctica to enter the portal to hollow earth, which no one believes in, but they inexplicably know about this portal. Confusing to say the least.

Anyway, they eventually end up at the Apex facility……in Hong Kong! (They took a shortcut!)

In Hong Kong, Godzilla and Kong exchange violent greetings….and…….

Oh, to find out what happens, you can watch this movie like we did on HBO Max for free during Xfinity Watchathon or you can rent it on your favorite streaming service.

“Godzilla vs Kong” is not the best of the series (it kinda sucks, truthfully) as it was confusing to everyone in this house except the weird GEEK…..ME…..who figured it all out halfway thru the movie. Brainless action adventure fantasy. 🙂

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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