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  • “The Imitation Game” Movie Review

    “The Imitation Game” Movie Review

    (Breaking Enigma) Going to college for my degree in Electrical Engineering (digital hardware design and electromagnetics) Alan Turing was a hero. A genius who gave us the first computer (and digital design). He laid the foundation for artificial intelligence and robotics, and, was instrumental in winning WWII. “The Imitation Game” is inspiring to all those […]

  • 12 Women Scientists

    12 Women Scientists

    Since is education oriented, I thought this TED article introducing “12 Badass” women scientists might of interest. Here is a short quote from the article. To read more about these amazing women scientists, please go to the article. “Everywhere you look, odds appear stacked against women in STEM. Young male scientists receive up to […]

  • “Lucy” Movie Review

    “Lucy” Movie Review

    (Transformative, Scarlett Johansson) – — Lucy is the name of the oldest known hominid female who bones were found in Ethiopia in 1973.  Go to WikiPedia for more information. Fast forward, 3.2 million years or so, and Scarlett Johansson (Lucy) is about to become the first human to access 100% of her brain; with all […]

  • “Transcendence” Movie Review

    “Transcendence” Movie Review

    (Thought Provoking) – – For all the critics who panned this movie…..THINK FOR YOURSELF RATHER THAN FOLLOWING THE CRITICS WHO CAN’T SEE BEYOND THEIR NOSE! Lemmings….arrrgh. “Transcendence” is a quiet, thought-provoking, movie filled with technology and scientific possibilities that, in this reviewers mind, are just around the corner. Someday this will happen…and sooner than you […]

  • “Promised Land” Movie Review

    “Promised Land” Movie Review

    (Corporate Deception) – – Matt Damon (as company superstar,  Steve Butler) and Frances McDormand (as Sue Thomason, “This is just a job”) are the lead land acquisition team for a global natural gas company.  Their job is to buy the rights to land rich with natural gas, one small poor town, one poor land owner, […]