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The Boov are a race on the run. They are travelling the galaxy hiding from their enemy who always seems to find them. Unfortunately, when they find them, they also destroy their hiding place. The Boov have decided to hide on Earth.  Oh, oh.

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Oh (Sheldon….errrr, Jim Parsons) is a misfit among the Boov. He makes mistakes, some of which are doozies. On Earth, Oh plans a party at his new apartment. No one shows, so he mistakenly sends an email to everyone in the Galaxy (“Why is send-to-all so close to send…bad design”) which will also tell the enemy where the Boov are now hiding.

Oh is now on the run for fear of being erased. And the Boov prepare to leave Earth before it is destroyed.

Running away from the Boov, Oh runs into Gratuity “Tip” Tucci (Rihanna), the only human missed in the move to Australia (the Boov moved everyone to Human Happiness communities there), who is looking for her mom. Adventure follows as the two of them seek “My Mom”.

“Home” is a fun movie with many laugh-out-loud moments and life lessons. Oh learns that home and family are important, that mistakes help you learn, and that persistence is a virtue.

During the movie there are many references to technology which are hilarious and true. I will need to re-watch “Home” to get them all, as they pass so quickly.

“Home” is a great move for the whole family. Oh even looks a bit like Sheldon…interesting.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on Google Play via the Chromecast.

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