Teachers Get Classroom Supplies 2016

Some pictures of our Tracy, CA teachers getting their 2016 classroom supplies!

Final 2016 Tally:

24 bags to 23 teachers. 6 donations were designated for specific teachers while 16 bags went to teachers who responded to my email. 2 bags (and tons of copy paper) went to a new 5th grade teacher at North (a low income school).

Thank you to our 2016 sponsors!

Janet, 3rd grade, Central Elementary

The Inman Family donated so many supplies. They said I could pick a lower income school teacher for one of their donations. Since I subbed in Ms. Somogyi's class many times.....I picked Central Elementary.
The Inman Family donated so many supplies. They said I could pick a lower income school teacher for one of their donations. Since I subbed in Ms. Somogyi’s class many times and had a lot of fun…..I picked Central Elementary.

Grit, 5th grade, Traina

grit 2016
In 2007, I was a sub with Grit. One day I got a call to stand-in for a 5th grade class at Traina that had lost their teacher.  Two weeks later, Grit walked in the door as the newly assigned teacher.  I learned a lot that day about how to manage a class.  Needless to say, Grit is a very special person and teacher.  🙂

Joan, Dana, Leilani, and Tina, Villa Elementary

joan and
I have known Joan (under the hat) for many years and have subbed in her class several times. One year, I was called to sub for a special ed class at the beginning of the school year.  Joan loaned me a TON of books to get the class started. A great teacher and friend!  🙂

Sharon, Jacobson, 2nd grade

sharon 2016
I only met Sharon last year delivering classroom supplies. I knew right away that Sharon was the teacher I would most want to have….assuming I could be a 2nd grader again!  Her sense of humor is infectious!!!!  🙂

Lisa, Montecello Elementary, 1st Grade

lisa 2016
Today was our first meeting. Turns out Lisa knows about ForCarol and has volunteered for Get Real Behind the Wheel (the only other charity in Tracy, that would much rather NOT be in existence).

Veronica & Tori, North Elementary, 4th and 3rd Grades respectively

victoria and tori 2016
Veronica (left) and Tori getting their supplies for the second year in a row. Tori was the first teacher (along with Joan…scroll up) that ForCarol donated money to several years ago.  We all went on a shopping spree to buy supplies. Great fun!

Tish, Sharon & Hanna, Villa Elementary

Tish Sharon and Hanna at villa
The Inman Family and Dr. Trossien designated classroom supplies for (left to right) Tish, Sharon, and Hanna at Villa.  Sharon told me she had Chris Hoovler (one of our four kids who died in the crash) in her 4th grade class, and Tish was on the infamous bus breakdown trip with us in 4th grade many years ago (Kristen is now 24….).

Eden, Bridget, Michelle, Monica, Rowena, Melissa, and 3rd and 5th grade teachers TBD, at Kelly

Kelly teachers normal
Three of the eight Kelly teachers getting supplies.


Kelly teachers fighting over supplies
Kelly teachers “fighting” for supplies.  🙂

Monica at Kelly

Eden at Kelly
Eden helped me A LOT this year organizing the effort at Kelly!  Thank you sooooo much!  🙂

Sheila at Jacobson

Sheila at Jacobson
Sheila just sent me her reply email yesterday and, luckily, we had a last second donation. Second year in a row for Shelia.  🙂

Kascia, North, 5th grade

Kascia at North 5th grade
Kascia is starting her first year teaching. Last year, Kascia was Joan’s student teacher at Villa. I decided that any extra supplies I had this year would go to a first year teacher….Kascia.  LOOK at the supplies!  Wow!  Have a great first year!

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.



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