2017 Tracy, CA Teachers Get Classroom Supplies

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The 2017 “Fill-the-Bag” with classroom supplies campaign was a bit different than the previous two years.

The majority of the donations were designated for specific teachers or specific schools (for example the three Bohn teachers who lost their classrooms in a fire) and we had less than half the number of sponsors than we had in 2016.  But……the donations this year were, for the most part, HUGE (see the sponsor’s page) and we still had a GREAT year!

Final tally:  9 sponsors, 26 bags (!!!!!!), to 19 teachers (including 3 teachers from Bohn who lost their classrooms to a fire this summer).  Please thank our very generous sponsors for a GREAT year.  🙂

Lisa, 1st Grade, Monticello

This is the second year for Lisa, she is very quick on email 🙂  From last year, Lisa also volunteered for Get Real Behind the Wheel, the only other charity in Tracy, CA, besides us, that would much rather NOT be in existence.  Drive Safe!  Look up to see Lisa last year. 🙂

Tori, 3rd Grade, North

Tori is the first teacher, with Joan, that we gave money to for school supplies. We all went shopping. See this page.  🙂

Grit, 5th Grade, Traina

Grit was subbing with me when we met (at Central?).  I spent 2 weeks at Traina in a 5th grade class (they lost their teacher) while the new teacher was hired. On my last day……the new teacher walked in…..Grit! What a great day!

I am hoping to work with Grit this year on STEM / STEAM projects…..

Ashley, 3rd Grade, Kelly

Our daughter, Kristen, growing up had three best friends over the years, and we had three “part-time daughters” (PTD):  Carol was PTD #3 (ForCarol.com), Sam was PTD #1 (now a Doctor of Physical Therapy), and Ashley was PTD #2.  In short, Ashley is “family” (and yes, she always wanted to be a teacher).

ashley 3rd grade kelly

Monica, 2nd grade, Kelly

Third year in a row for Monica!  Very quick on the email button.  🙂  Monica has helped us a lot over the last three years coordinating things from the Kelly side.  I have a feeling I will see her again next year.

Monica 1st grade Kelly

Veronica, 4th Grade, North

The third year in a row for Veronica as well. I actually met Veronica’s husband first a few years ago at the coworking space I started in Tracy, CA. Small town. 🙂

veronica north 4th grade

Susan, 5th Grade, Central

First year for Susan!  I loved subbing at Central and did so many many times over the 7 years I subbed.  🙂

Susan at Central grade 5

Justin (and Sage), 4th Grade Special Ed, Central

First year for Justin in TUSD and getting “Fill-the-Bag” supplies.  Have a great year!

justin central 4th grade special ed

Rowena, 2nd Grade, Kelly

Rowena has gotten supplies for a few years now (quick on the email is a Kelly teacher trait!) and is part of the famous 2015 picture: “The Kelly Six”.  🙂

Rowena 2nd grade kelly

Sharon, 2nd Grade, Jacobson

Sharon has gotten supplies for the third year in a row.  I have said this before, and will say it again, if I could be in 2nd grade again, Sharon would be my teacher!  We had a blast taking pictures again today. 🙂

sharon 2nd grade jacobson

Myesha, 4th Grade, Kelly

I had an old picture of Myesha and attempted to Photoshop Elements 15 it into today’s photo (Myesha was out).  Elements 15 is different than Photoshop, and I need to learn how to use it.  🙂 Myesha was one of the first teachers we donated money to for classroom supplies, that is a check in her right hand.  🙂

myesha photoshop

Sharon, 3rd Grade, Villa

I mentioned this last year, that Sharon had Chris (one of our four kids killed in the crash) in 4th grade at Villa.  This is the second year getting supplies for Sharon. Her daughter is smiling in the background. 🙂

sharon, 3rd grade, villa

Nick, 8th Grade, Williams

Nick previously mentioned that he had Kassy (one of our teens killed in the crash) in his 5th grade class a few years back.  This is the first year for Nick getting supplies, and as we were setting up, he told me he graduated from Project IMPACT….just like I did!  Very cool.  🙂  We also agree that 8th graders are cool (no matter what they want you to think).

Nick 8th grade williams

Heather, 2nd Grade, Jacobson

First year for Heather!

Heather 2nd grade Jacobson

Michelle, Kindergarten, Kelly

This is funny!  My Pixel XL messed up ALL the pictures I took of Michelle both horizontal AND vertical.  From now on….I will double check!  Later in the day, Michelle sent me the “selfie” below.  Michelle has gotten supplies for 3 years in a row!  🙂

Michelle v2



 Tina, Jennifer, and Kathy, 1st, 1st and 4th grades at Bohn

These three lost their classrooms in a fire this summer.  NNIS Computer & Network Support donated ALL of their supplies to these Bohn teachers.

bohn teachers

Beth, 6th Grade, Kelly

Beth worked at Dr. Trosien’s office and helped ForCarol a lot the past few years.  Now she is teaching again.  I am waiting for a promised picture!  😉

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.




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