“Ride Like A Girl” Movie Review and Trailer

Michelle Payne (Teresa Palmer) always wanted to win the Melbourne Cup.

Raised with nine other kids and no mother, Michelle and her siblings had to work hard to succeed thanks to the strong guiding hand of their horse trainer dad, Paddy (Sam Neill).

Tragedy is not a stranger to this family, however, as another daughter jockey dies after falling off a horse, and Michelle herself suffered a devastating injury that almost killed her, followed by 16 broken bones suffered in 7 subsequent falls. Yikes!

The real Stevie Payne

Through it all, and with the help of her family, and especially her brother, Stevie (Stevie Payne), Michelle persevered, followed her heart…..and was the first woman to win the coveted Melbourne Cup Race!

This is a true story based on the life and accomplishments (and persistence) of Australian jockey, Michelle Payne.

Follow your heart and you can reach the stars….

You can stream this movie on Netflix. Donate.

“Ride Like a Girl” is simply fantastic.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Check out more cool movies and other stuff while the world suffers a pandemic, and we in the U.S., suffer the last few months of an incompetent orange dictator. #Vote

Drive Safe! Never Forget.



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