“Raya and the Last Dragon” Movie Review

Note: I paid $29.99 to Disney+ for special access to watch this movie, at home, before it becomes available to all Disney+ subscribers on June 4, 2021. Since our normal movie nights, according to Lori, cost over $30, I thought this was a good deal.

I am so glad I did this as “Raya and the Last Dragon” is a spectacular movie in every way imaginable.

500 years ago

Dragons and humans were living in harmony in Kumandra when an evil plague (think dementors) turned people and dragons alike into stone.

The last 5 surviving dragons left a gemstone carrying their spirits to ward off the evil plague….unfortunately almost all of them also turned to stone…..only one survived, but, she disappeared.

6 years ago

The lands of Kumandra have been split into 5 separate lands. They each distrust, and hate, the people of the other lands.

The ancient dragon-spirit gemstone is being protected by a family in the land of the Heart and the people of the other lands are jealous of that ownership, thinking it gives the Heart people special privileges.

Raya, Namaari

One day the leaders of each realm meet and young Raya (Kelly Marie Tran) makes friends with Namaari (Gemma Chan). They both are dragon “nerds” and Namaari gives a dragon pendent to Raya as a gift. In return, Raya takes Namaari to see the dragon-spirit gemstone…..

Big mistake.

Namaari and her people break the gemstone into 5 pieces each piece now going to each land.

The wars and hatred continue.

Raya knows that she is the only person who can bring peace and harmony to Kumandra (and her father back from stone)…..as such, she sets off on an epic adventure to find the last dragon.


Raya and her trusty sidekick, Tuk Tuk (Alan Tudyk), are at the last river end where Sisu (Awkwafina) might be hiding.

With a special prayer and the dragon pendent, Raya…….

Sisu, Raya

Oh, to see what happens you will have to watch the movie on Disney+ or in an open theater (not Cinemark though).

“Raya and the Last Dragon” is a SPECTACULAR movie. The animation, the story, the pacing, the voice talent, the culture….are all spectacular. Not to mention that Southeast Asia now has a Disney princess. 🙂

Add to this the fact that 400 or so people worked from home (you’re welcome) during the pandemic to finish this film….is simply amazing.

Go to IMDb for more information.


Drive Safe! Never Forget.

We love you and miss you, Carol. 😦


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