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  • “Wonder Woman 1984” Gag Reel

    “Wonder Woman 1984” Gag Reel

    Warner Bros released this extremely funny gag reel from “Wonder Woman 1984” yesterday. Enjoy! Drive Safe! Never Forget. More recent movies and stuff…..

  • “Don’t Read This On A Plane” Movie Review

    “Don’t Read This On A Plane” Movie Review

    Jovana Fey (Sophie Desmarais) has just had her third novel published and is now in Venice to start her book tour. When a call comes in from her publisher he tells her: “Oh, sorry, I just went bankrupt and your hotels, and living expenses for the tour, have been cancelled.” BUT…on the bright side….he tells…

  • “Raya and the Last Dragon” Movie Review

    “Raya and the Last Dragon” Movie Review

    Note: I paid $29.99 to Disney+ for special access to watch this movie, at home, before it becomes available to all Disney+ subscribers on June 4, 2021. Since our normal movie nights, according to Lori, cost over $30, I thought this was a good deal. I am so glad I did this as “Raya and…

  • “Thunder Force” Official Trailer

    “Thunder Force” Official Trailer

    Streaming on Netflix April 9, 2021, “Thunder Force” re-unites two childhood friends when one develops a way to give both of them super-powers. Looks funny and action packed. Who are the two stars? 🙂 Drive Safe! Never Forget More comedies, action, and adventure……

  • “Flora & Ulysses” Movie Review

    “Flora & Ulysses” Movie Review

    Ten year old Flora (Matilda Lawler) loves following superheroes in the comics and movies. Unfortunately, Flora now knows that superheroes do not exist in real-life. Flora loves the superheroes developed by her father, George (Ben Schwartz), who is depressed because his comics are constantly being turned down by publishers. In fact, after the last rejection,…

  • “Monster Hunter” Official Trailer

    “Monster Hunter” Official Trailer

    In another world, monsters rule and it takes a special team to defeat them. “Monster Hunter” stars Mila Jovovich as the leader of this team and their success will determine the fate of the world. Looks exciting. 🙂 Now streaming on your favorite streaming app. Drive Safe! Never Forget. More fantasy, action, and adventure movies…..

  • “Wonder Woman 1984” Movie Review

    “Wonder Woman 1984” Movie Review

    Immortal Amazon warrior, Princess Diana of Themyscira (Gal Gadot), is now working, in 1984, as an archeologist at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. In addition to her daily job, Diana grabs her lasso of truth, dons her warrior outfit and saves people in the D.C. area. Cool stuff. A pompous blowhard marketing dude, Maxwell…

  • “Land” Official Trailer

    “Land” Official Trailer

    In select theaters now, “Land” looks like an interesting story of a woman who, in her grief, drops everything and hits the wilderness. Robin Wright directs and stars in this independent movie. Drive Safe! Never Forget More dramas….

  • Movie Review: “Finding Ohana”

    Movie Review: “Finding Ohana”

    After her husband died 11 years ago, Leilani (Kelly Hu) moved her and her two young children, Ioane (Alex Aiono) and Pili (Kea Peahu), from Hawaii to Brooklyn. Not a move I would make….. Now, her father, Kimo (Branscombe Richmond), has had a heart attack and is supposed to rest. Leilani returns home with the…