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  • “Broken Flowers” Movie Review

    “Broken Flowers” Movie Review

    (Quirky, Quiet, Droll) – – Don Johnston’s (Bill Murray) latest girlfriend just walked out. But, Don takes this life changing event like he seems to take everything else: Quietly. In the foyer, there is a pink envelope among the incoming mail that his now ex-girlfriend thinks is from his current lover. Don opens it and […]

  • “In Your Eyes” Movie Review

    “In Your Eyes” Movie Review

    (Telepathic Telepresence) – – Note: This movie comes close to my technical specialty: video conferencing. Imagine, sometime in the future, being able to video conference (think, Skype) with anyone, anytime, anyplace just like they do here in the movie. And just using your brain and senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch)… equipment! Very cool. Dylan (Michael […]

  • “Les Miserables” Movie Review

    “Les Miserables” Movie Review

    – – Anne Hathaway’s solo that is heard (and seen briefly) in the trailer above is simply…BREATHTAKING.   Absolutely BREATHTAKING.  I was in tears, not from the sadness of the song, but, by the stunning performance of a truly talented actress…one that should get her an Oscar. “Les Miserables” is unique, Broadway worthy, movie entertainment. […]

  • “Life of Pi” Movie Review

    “Life of Pi” Movie Review

    A teenager, Pi Patel (played as a teen by Suraj Sharma) leaves India on a cargo ship with his family and their zoo animals. A storm in the middle of the Pacific Ocean sinks the cargo ship killing everyone but Pi, a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan, and a Bengal tiger.  It is survival of the […]

  • “The Words” Movie Review

    “The Words” Movie Review

    – – Reading the critic’s reviews, I wonder what movie they were watching, or, where their brains were during the movie.  I kind of suspect that if one “famous” critic gives a bad review, then the unthinking masses follow suit afraid to not rock the boat. Well….I am rocking the boat. “The Words” is an […]

  • “Men in Black 3” Movie Review

    “Men in Black 3” Movie Review

      – – There is one secret the universe does not know about.  But to find out what that is, you have to ride a somewhat uneven MIB3 all the way to the end.  At times MIB3 is funny and exciting, at times it is boring, and at times it is poignant. An escaped prisoner travels […]

  • “The Avengers” Movie Review

    “The Avengers” Movie Review

    (Fun, Exciting Action) – – Tapping an unlimited power source being investigated by scientists at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) evil ambitious brother, Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) joins forces with a powerful alien world to attack Earth via an access portal. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) gathers various super heroes to fight Loki and […]

  • “Midnight in Paris” Movie Review

    “Midnight in Paris” Movie Review

    (Magical) After multiple viewings  (WOW!!!!  I LOVE this movie!!!!) – – Owen Wilson (as Gil) is a wannabe novelist making a great living as a “hack” Hollywood script writer.  He and his fiancee, Rachel McAdams as Inez, are visiting Paris with her parents. Gil wants to live in Paris when they get married, Inez wants to […]

  • “We Bought a Zoo” Movie Review

    “We Bought a Zoo” Movie Review

    – Matt Damon (as Benjamin Mee) has lost his wife and is seeking a better life for his two kids and himself.  After his son is expelled from school, Damon finally gets serious and looks to relocate. What he finds is an unusual situation. An old house, with lots of property, 9 miles from the […]