Thank You!

ForCarol would like to thank the following people / businesses who have donated to, Inc. and the Carol Phan College Scholarship Fund.


Last Update: 11/11/2019


Bold = $100, or more, in donations!

Mike, Lori, and Kristen Pihlman, Tracy , CA

Chau Minh Hong (Carol’s Mom), Tracy, CA

Joleen Ruffin, Sayazu-Exercise for Kids , Berkeley, CA

Sandra Derbin, Tracy, CA

Larry Hite, Noah’s Ark Foundation, Tracy, CA

Chevy’s Fresh Mex (thanks to: Benny Pacheco & Paris Ellis), Tracy, CA

Heidi Skundberg, Tracy, CA

Jan McDonnel, Your Girl Friday, LLC, Tracy, CA

Anonymous Donor, Tracy, CA

Altamont in the Morning Mtg Participants, Tracy , CA

Sandy Schulz, Dublin, CA

Thomas F. Alexander, The Lightship Group, LLC, Narragansett, RI

Gary W. Fian, GWFian & Associates,  Tracy, CA

Karen & Sam Aranda, Altamont Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning, Tracy, CA

Melanie Davis, Tracy, CA

Bianca Aranda, Tracy, CA (Traina 6th Grade)

M&J Bistro a Taste of San Francisco, Tracy, CA

Patrick Brown, Perfect Pools (cell: 209-640-9309)

Shawn Kish, Tracy, CA

Marvin Rothschild, Tracy Homeless Coalition, Tracy, CA

GlamRus Tween Events (Joleen, Suzanne, and Angie), Tracy, CA

Jason W. Fell, Drywall Consultant, Tracy, CA

Patricia J. Munson, Platinum Business Conference Center, Tracy, CA  (@ Trade Show)

Carmen Gonzales, Tracy, CA (@ Trade Show)

Jennifer Merris, Tracy, CA (@ Trade Show)

Anna Mendoza, Tracy, CA (@ Trade Show)

P.J. Williams, Tracy, CA (@ Trade Show)

Chilaberries, Tracy, CA

Dave Gardner, Primerica, Tracy, CA

Chuck Miller, Handyman Services, Tracy, CA

Rest in Peace my friend (Pic of Chuck and Carol in the office)

Chuck and Carol

R.E. McDermott, Author, Old Hickory, TN

Kelli Stanley, Author, San Francisco, CA

Wayne “Lumpy” Ordakowski, L2 / Ham Supply

Kim Yen Tran, San Jose, CA

Agustin & Norma Romero, Blue Ant Consulting, Tracy, CA

Dana Roberson, 2nd Grade Teacher at Villa, Tracy, CA

Jason W. Fell, Drywall Consultant, Tracy, CA

Galen Reyes, Barnes & Noble, Modesto, CA

Curtis Nelson, Ephphatha Investments, Tracy, CA

Lesli Lewis, Tracy, CA

Sparkles Delight, Clown, Tracy, CA

Rick Freseman, Tracy, CA (Winner of the NOOK Tablet!)

Cami Brumburgh, NNIS Computer Repair, Tracy, CA

Jose Diaz, PDQ Promotions, Tracy, CA

Tina Reich, Scentsy Consultant, Tracy, CA

Angie Peinado, Action Jumpers, Tracy, CA

Lucille Nowakowski, RN, Tracy, CA

Lauren Sousa, Salida, CA

Joseph Evans, Realtor

Steve Caporale

Julia Plummer

Sheila English, Circle of Seven Productions

Mai Vang

Steven Schlaht

Stacie Andersen

Mary Spurgeon

Carol Neely

Ginny Ziobro (lifelong friend)


Kim Liburdi

Stephen Uhl

Alexandra Ziobro

Jacqueline Kruse

The Inman Family, Tracy, CA

Matt Higa, Tracy, CA

Charles Thorschmidt, San Antonio, TX (life long friend)

Michael Hoovler, Tracy, CA (Chris, his son, was one of our 4 teens)

Tom Mills, Ohio (long time friend)

Central Valley Area Realtors (CVAR), Northern CA

Get Real Behind the Wheel, Tracy, CA

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


Scholarship Winners

Our Life with Carol

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