“Rango” Movie Review

I was sooooo looking forward to “Rango” (as you can tell from the trailer blog entry a few posts down).

But, once I was there, watching it, I could not wait to leave.

Can you say: BORING?  Yikes….

After falling from his owners car, lizard Depp, moseys into “Dirt” (a small town inhabited by other varmints).  Dirt is suffering through a drought.   Depp becomes their hero by talking tough and accidently killing the feared hawk.  As Sheriff, the lizard takes his job very seriously and starts a very long, very boring, quest to find the water.

With a (very) few laughs, and some (somewhat) cool references to movies like Star Wars, Pirates, and High Noon (not to mention homage to Clint Eastwood), “Rango” is the worst movie I have seen this year.

I’m also not sure if the violence is for younger kids.  It seems to not know what audience it wants.


Drive Safe!  Never forget.

More family movies….


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