“2 Hearts” Movie Review

Terrible Movie
Great Cause

Nothing but Spoilers! Proceed with caution.


Jorge (Adan Canto) is suffering from pulmonary disease and was not expected to make it past 12 years old. He is now in college and Fidel Castro has just taken over control of his homeland: Cuba. (That was 1959).

Defying the odds even more, Jorge is now in his 30’s when he meets the love of his life, Leslie (Radha Mitchell) and together they remain through sickness and health.

Jorge, Leslie

But now, when Jorge is in his 60’s (and massively defying the odds) his health is failing and he needs a lung transplant to survive longer.


Chris (Jacob Elordi) is a young kid just starting college when he meets the love of his life, Sam (Tiera Skovbye).

Chris, Sam

Everything is looking great as the two healthy kids start making a life for themselves and a bright future.

Chris even get his drivers license to help Sam in her charity…..making sure drunks and others get home safe. (Drive Safe!)

Getting the license, he allows his organs to be donated (I have the same option checked).

Who knew……

Then Chris dies.

His organs go to 7 people, one of them being Jorge who then starts a charity to house families of those waiting for organs. (By the way, Jorge’s real last name is Bacardi….as in the rum). He passed away in 2020, but, Leslie is carrying on his charity.

Here is the link to the Gabriel House of Care and to a nice story about the reality of this “movie”.

“2 Hearts” is NOT a fun movie, nor is it entertaining. It IS informative about the need for organ donors and the effects those donations have on the families that receive them. It should be a documentary and NOT toy with your emotions under the guise of entertainment like the movie does. I was actually OFFENDED to find out that Chris died in the hospital and that his happy life after the hospital was a lie / fiction…….arrrgg…..terrible.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

Disney movies to cheer you up after this review……



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