Fill-the-Bag with Classroom Supplies

dana with supplies at villaIn 2015, with NINE small business sponsors and one private person, was able to fill 15 bags which we then delivered to 15 Tracy, CA teachers in 6 schools (Villa, North, Traina, Jacobson, Kelly, and Monticello).

Our first year organizing the “Fill-the-Bag” with classroom supplies campaign ended up WAY BEYOND my wildest expectations. So much so that we decided to make this an annual event.

In 2016 we delivered 24 bags to 23 teachers.  In 2017 we delivered 24 bags to 19 teachers.

If you want to participate in the “Fill-the-Bag” with classroom supplies campaigns, register at the appropriate link below.

Tracy, CA Teacher?  CLICK here for a chance to get Classroom Supplies

Tracy, CA Small Business or Resident / Parent?  CLICK here to register to “Fill-the-Bag” this coming summer (2018).

See Our Sponsors

CLICK to see the 2016 “Fill-the-Bag” Sponsors

CLICK to see the 2015 “Fill-the-Bag” Sponsors 



See Our Teachers Getting Classroom Supplies

CLICK to see the 2016 Teachers Getting Supplies

CLICK to see the 2015 Teachers Getting Supplies



Drive Safe!  Never Forget.



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