“Fantastic Four” Movie Review and Trailer

Reed, Sue, Johnny, Ben

When Reed Richards (Miles Teller) was in grade school, he was designing and building a device that could transport objects to somewhere else. In return, he gets a pile of dirt from where ever the object landed.


His teacher, being the narrow minded fool that one day could be president, told him to drop that and work on something that makes sense. But one of his classmates, Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell), was intrigued.

For the next 7 years, the two worked on their teleportation device and were now able to send an object somewhere (they don’t yet know where) and then…bring it back.

At a science fair, Reed and Ben caught the eye of two scientists Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) and Sue Storm (Kate Mara) from a research institution, the Baxter Foundation.

Turns out, one of their own researchers had come close to doing the same thing, but, he, Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbel), gave up the chase.

Dr. Storm starts a new teleportation project with an unlimited budget.

Bringing in Dr. Storm’s son, Johnny (Michael B. Jordan), to help with the building process, the five researchers set off to design, and build, a new teleportation device…..for people!

That is when all hell breaks loose and……

Oh….to see what happens you will have to stream the movie on Disney+.

“Fantastic Four” got really shitty reviews and pretty much bombed when it came out in 2015 or 2016, but looking at it through the 2020 lens, it is pretty good and a nice foundation / introduction for the upcoming Disney+ Marvel Fantastic Four integration. Not sure how all that is gonna work, but, it will be fun watching it evolve.

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