“Descendants” Three Movies Reviewed

We watched “Descendants”, “Descendants 2”, and “Descendants 3” on Disney+. All three are musical fun for all!

Here are the three official trailers:

The Disney villians have been banned to an Island and locked there by a spell.

The new King of Auradon, King Ben (Mitchell Hope) son of the Beast (of Beauty and the Beast), has decided to bring the kids of the villains to Auradon since, well, they are not the bad ones….it was their parents!

Good thought…..it just takes three movies to sort it all out.

Evie, Carlos, Mal, Jay

The first four kids invited to Auradon are:

  • Mal (Dove Cameron) daughter of Maleficent.
  • Carlos (the late, Cameron Boyce) son of Cruella.
  • Evie (Sofia Carson) daughter of the Evil Witch.
  • Jay (Booboo Stewart) son of Jaffar.

Lots of songs and dancing while the “wicked” kids try to fit in to the “good” life.

Great fun for kids and adults alike!

Go to IMDb for more information: “Descendants”, “Descendants 2”, and “Descendants 3”

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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