“Late Night” Movie Review and Trailer


Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) has had an almost 30 year run as a very successful late night show host, but, for the last 10 years…..ratings have been going down and it is time to change…or leave.

Stubborn, an asshole to people, and with a complacent, all-white male, writing staff, her jokes are stale and the show is unimaginative and boring.

She needs to breath new life into the show or perish.

She also decides she needs a woman writer…..ANY woman writer.


Not really enjoying her job at the chemical plant, and wanting to pursue her lifelong dream, Molly Patel (Mindy Kaling), applies for the writers job at the Katherine Newbury Show. With very little experience in comedy, but loads of energy and new ideas, the boss of the writers reluctantly hires her.

Molly fits right in…..NOT. The white guys, for the most part, are sexist, racist, and lazy assholes. Several of them try their best to undermine Molly every chance they get….and one – almost – succeeds getting her into bed.

But change is needed…..and Molly brings the fresh ideas that can bring that change…..if she keeps her job, that is.

To see what happens, you can stream the movie on Netflix. 🙂

“Late Night” is a fun movie with several important messages related to diversity, sexism, racism, and to never give up on your dreams, for……well……U.S. (Get it?) The orange idiot can’t grasp that, but, he is, now…irrelevant. In a way we could never have predicted, he actually did make U.S. great again.

Go to IMDb for more information.

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