“Radioactive” Movie Review

Marie Sklodowska (Rosamund Pike) was a brilliant scientist living and working in 1893 Paris, after leaving her home in Poland. She wanted to learn science from the best scientists, and was well on her way to making a name for herself in the scientific community.

Unfortunately, the thinking back then was that women need to be home with their babies, and Marie was treated badly at her place of work. She did not take crap from anyone, and was let go.

Marie, Pierre

By chance, Marie met Pierre Curie (Sam Riley) and together…..they changed the world.

To see what happens, you can click on Marie’s link above or watch the movie on Amazon Prime (but take it with a grain of salt).

Needless to say….radioactivity is dangerous…..and powerful……for good or bad.

Pierre had the best advice for Marie: “You threw a stone in the water. The ripples, you can’t control.”

“Radioactivity” could have been sooooo much better. I enjoyed the science and the strong brilliant woman behind the science, but, the movie strayed from science to some personal issues that could have been mentioned rather than dwelled upon in depth, and it concentrated on the bad results of radioactivity more than the good.

And there is a lot of good as Marie Curie absolutely changed the world…..unfortunately, she could not control the ripples.

I cringed every time the movie showed Marie sleeping with a glowing bottle of radium! OMG….

Anya Taylor-Joy

Oh….I wonder if her daughter played chess? 😉

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