“Ideal Home” Movie Review and Trailer

“Ideal Home” Movie Review and Trailer

Santa Fe TV chef, Erasmus Brumble (Steve Coogan), and his lover of 10 years, Paul (Paul Rudd) are living the ideal life.

A beautiful home, fame, fortune, and friends galore.

Erasmus, Paul, Bill

One night, during a fancy dinner party, a little kid, Bill / Angel (Jack Gore), shows up with a bible and a message.

Turns out, Bill / Angel is Erasmus’s grandson from his estranged good for nothing drug-addled son.

Looks like…..Erasmus and Paul’s ideal single jet-setting life just took a turn…..for the better.

To see what happens, you can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

“Ideal Home” is a fun movie about….life.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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