“Alex & Eve” Movie Review and Trailer

Eve, Alex

Alex (Richard Brancatisano) is a high school algebra teacher. He is single, his family wonders why he has not met a nice Greek woman (his students think he is gay). He is Greek Orthodox.

Eve (Andrea Demetriades) is a high powered lawyer. She is single, her family wonders why she has not met a nice Lebanese man yet (is she gay?). She is Muslim.

One night at a bar, Alex meets Eve and the whole world changes.

Except for the families….who think Muslim and Greek Orthodox will NEVER be a good match.

Can love conquer all?

To find out, you can stream this movie on Amazon Prime.

“Alex & Eve” is a fun, heartwarming movie about two people who love each other and only one (well……two) things stand between them: Family and Religion.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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