“Skater Girl” Movie Review

Prerna (Rachel Saanchita Gupta) lives in a small village in India where the old ways, although unspoken, rule the day.

As such, her old fashioned dad thinks that Prerna should be married, not go to school, and should be content cooking lentils and doing housework.

Prerna wants more….much more……and being a strong-willed young woman, she fights for her right to: Go to school, to learn, and to make up her own mind about her future, or, even, to make a skateboard like device that she uses to pull her brother to school on. He loves it!

Luckily for Prerna, Jessica (Amrit Maghera) a strong-willed independent corporate executive from London shows up in town to find out more about her father’s home town and, while there, she invites an old friend from Los Angeles, Erick (Jonathan Readwin), who is now teaching in India to visit the small village. Erick arrives……

On a skateboard!

Jessica, Erick

And Prerna’s world changes!

To see what happens you can watch / read (subtitles) this movie on Netflix.

“Skater Girl” is a fantastic, and extremely interesting, look at how a young woman fights for the right to be her own person in an environment where one man, with the unspoken support of local society, decides that women are not capable.

Interesting tidbit: The skate park was built for the movie in 45 days and is now a community skate park dedicated to helping young women thrive. Here is the web site.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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