“Geography Club” Movie Review

Russell Middlebrook (Cameron Deane Stewart) is struggling with his identity.

He thinks he may be gay, but, is having a hard time coming to grips with that reality. One day, he is chatting online with someone and they plan to meet in the park.  That does not happen…..at least he does not think it does.

Kevin Land (Justin Deeley) is the star quarterback of the football team.  He is gay and he is the one who Russell was supposed to meet in the park.  Well, one thing leads to another and Russell and Kevin are seen making out at a Science Camp by Min (Ally Maki).

Shocked, both boys are afraid of what might happen if Min blabs to the whole school. Instead, the next morning, they find a note in their lockers, from Min, to meet in room 327 after school.

Russell goes to the “Geography Club” meeting in room 327 only to find out that it is the secret meeting place for gays in school. They meet for support and friendship.

Min wants the club to come out, but, everyone else has enough to worry about and they want the club to stay secret…..until one day, when everything changes.

“Geography Club” is an excellent movie about the struggles of gay teens and their growing awareness of who they are.

The ultimate message of the movie (according to me, at least) is:  Be yourself.

In these dark times, ForCarol.com supports everyone.


Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on VUDU where the “free” commercials are more disruptive than worth the price.  We would rather pay, but, it was a good experiment testing something new. 🙂

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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